Customer Multiplier – Tactic 1


This is Magic!

Today I want to share a tactic with you! This tactic is more of a skill set.

Once you master this tactic you will be able to take any business, product, service, or idea and turn it into a huge commercial success.

It does not matter whether you are selling a shoe at a local store, or running a restaurant, promoting your art, offering your legal, medical, or other professional services.

It does not matter either if you are a coach, consultant, matchmaker, run an online business, run an eCommerce store, or are a blogger, realtor, network marketer, or MLM marketer.

It does not matter what you do or what you sell. Once you know this tactic you can build a huge army of paying customers on automation.

You won’t need ads or agencies to help you. You won’t need to spend money either.

You will use this tactic and draw loads of paying customers to you as if you are the pied piper of Hamelin. They will follow you and buy from you. They will bring more customers to you without you even asking them to do so.

The result will be a business and bank balance that is growing exponentially and quickly.

You will be able to use this tactic and take a new business off the ground. At the same time, you will be able to take this tactic and scale any existing business rapidly.

Imagine having the skill to take any business and grow it overnight. Imagine having the skill to make money in any business anytime? Think of the endless possibilities and freedom this skill can add to your life.

When you go through The Rebel tactics Course, you will learn the formula to take any product or business and make it go viral not on Social Media but in the real world.

You will learn how to make customers bring you more customers on autopilot and without you even asking them to do so.

But for now, watch this video and see how this tactic works and has been helping many businesses grow and make money fast.

Best Wishes!

P.S. If you have questions or need tactics to grow your business, fill the support form or write a comment below. Tell me about your business, and the challenges you are facing and I will be happy to look into it.

So I hope you enjoyed the first video where I showed you how you can turn your product into a raving product and make your customers bring you more customers on autopilot. So you don’t have to spend any money on advertising to bring new customers. And if you miss that video, I’m going to post the link for that underneath this video, go ahead and watch that video. You’re going to love it. It’s really going to help your business is going to help you find new customers for your, you know, what I’m going to do is I’m going to share the next tactic from the rebel tactics. And this next tactic is how to create an electrifying offer. One of the problems that a lot of businesses have is one they’re competing with their competitors. They’re selling a very similar product. So you’re a fitness trainer and you’re running fitness bootcamp.

Somebody else is running fitness bootcamp. You’re running, you’re doing yoga on the beach. Somebody else is doing yoga on the beach. So when you’re competing with all these people, so when people hear about your product or your service, they’re not very canted. They don’t know if they should really go with you, go with somebody else. They don’t get really excited to get their hands on your product or your services. And this is what we do in the second step. We make our product, our service so attractive, so tempting, so lustful, so desirable that people will line up to get their hands on it. They will ignore their burning home. They let their home burn and go for your offer before they do anything else. And if you have an offer like, yeah, then you have an electrifying offer. And if you find that people are resisting, they’re not lining up.

They’re not like fighting to get their hands on your product, your service and whatever you’re offering. Then you don’t have the right presentation for your product. Think about this. When Walmart has their Thanksgiving sale, what happens? People line up a night before they smashed the break, the indoors they go through into the stampede. They even killed people to get their hands on the product. Now that’s an electrifying offer. And that is what you need to create for your product. If you have that desire where people hear about that, what? This is unreal, I need this. Then you have that offer that will sell on its own. You won’t even have to work. And I find that almost every industry, every product, every service has a side to it. And when you bring that side out and when you present that side of your product or your service to your customers, it’s incredibly tempting.

It’s incredibly less full and irresistible, and your customers have no choice, but to buy your products or engage you for services. Yep. Let me give you an example. So it was helping one of my realtor clients, and what do most realtors realtors do most realtors when they have condo to sell, they’re talking about like, you know, you’re in this neighborhood, there are a lot of good schools there. A lot of good restaurants, the good public parts, all that stuff, right? Safe neighborhood. But that is exactly what the next one, the building or the next realtor or the next neighborhood talking about. So we looked and saw, try to find out what kind of advantage we can have. What kind of great features we have in this neighborhood that we can focus on. So we came up with a strategy and we are retired saying live next to celebrities.

And your mortgage remains the same. Okay. The idea was that you can move from your apartment to a newer apartment, lived next to the celebrities and your mortgage will remain the same. No matter when people think of celebrities, most people always assume that be like a million dollar multimillion dollar mansion and I’m living next to them. So they get really curious. They want to know what this property, you know, who is this a celebrity I can live next to you. And so they are now they get really curious and already the celebrities living, uh, living there, sorry, obviously the celebrities living there, the area have to have good gym, good restaurant. It has to be a safer neighborhood. So those things go automatically, but the temptation and you can live right next to a celebrity. Everybody wants that everybody wants to upgrade their life. Everybody wants to talk about that.

I live in the same area as so-and-so celebrity. And when we did this, our phones were ringing. Like it was crazy how many people wanted to move there? Once they found out Vietnam, really two apartments and they could have that apartment. It was a joke for us to sell that apartment. So for your product or service, what is that one thing that when people we will hear about the just can’t hold back. And if you find that you will stand apart from your competitors and you will become more desirable. Another example could be, if you’re a lawyer, don’t be a lawyer, be a lawyer who fights for them because most people don’t want to engage a lawyer. They want a lawyer who will fight for them, who will destroy the opposition. If you’re someone who’s running ads, running Facebook ads, don’t run Facebook ad run profitable, Facebook ads because people want profit.

They don’t want to run out. They want to make money from that. So you have to look at your product and services and find out what is that most accounting side that will be super irresistible and tempting to your customers. And if you can bring that out, you’re going to have customers lining up to get their hands on your products. Well, I had spent some time try to figure this out. What is the most attractive site of your product or service? If you’re unsure, you can always talk to some of your customers and find out what they like the most about your product or service, or why, why they joined yourself, you know, your service or what or why they took that. And then you will find out what are the common theme? What is the number one reason, the most attractive feature about your product or service.

And then you can highlight that. And if you need help, you can always go and get the rebel tactics. When you go to the second tactic in the rebel tactics, which is creating electrifying offer, you’re going to discover my four step simple formula that will allow you to turn your product, your service into an electrifying offer. It will help you discover that side of your product or your services within minutes that you can use, and you can present it to your customers. And you know that this is the most tempting and irresistible side to it. And so when that happens, they will go crazy. They will want to buy it. And not now that you also would have learned how to create a rating product. You know, that every single customer who will buy your product will also bring you more customers. So this is an amazing thing, tactic, to grow your business, to acquire new customers and have those customers bring you more customers.

So you can get more sales and you can become cash rich or revenue, rich business. And tomorrow I’m going to share with you the third tactic, the third video, which is how to become a best seller in your industry, how to sell the most or what any of your competitors, even if they’ve been in business longer than you, even, they have bigger customer lists. Even they have more money to spend on advertisement. I’m going to show you how you can, out-compete them by finding loads of new customers, I’m going to show you how to find it. A lot of new customers without spending a dollar on ads. And you’re like I said, I love these rebel tactics because they really show a middle finger to all your competitors. You always outsmart them without spending money. You get more customers, you get more business, you make more money. So you’re going to love the video tomorrow. So hope this helps. And I’ll talk to you tomorrow.


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