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Dominate Your Market: Unleash the Power of Superior Sales and Marketing Tactics for Explosive Business Success!

These Dynamite Tactics Made Me The Highest-Paid Coach In The World And Helped Various Businesses Succeed - Details Below...

What Are The Rebel Tactics And How Can They Help

The Rebel Tactics is a set of top marketing strategies to get instant sales and generate rapid revenue – even if you have no experience, money, team, or resources.

 You can use them to go viral, become profitable, and build an unstoppable business.

Try this system, and your business will begin to work right away. 

The Rebel Tactics can do much more than get business. 

Rebel Tactics has the solution for all your problems and strategies for achieving all your business goals.

All you need to do is choose a tactic and apply it to get instant business. 

Let me show you how these tactics can help you with your business…

Rebel Tactic 1 Revealed: Unlocking the Secrets to Getting Customers On Demand!

If there is one thing you learn, let it be how to get customers on demand. You have a good product, but it is pointless if you cannot get customers. You will struggle financially without sales.

Discover tactics I use to get new paying customers in as little as 3-5 days, even for new businesses with zero leads, money, team, or experience.

Plus, learn how to get instant sales when you need money fast to cover an expense, hire someone, or even go on a vacation.

Learn these tactics - you and your business will be set for life.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Next...

And this is just the tip of the iceberg. Next...

Rebel Tactic 2: Consistent Sales And Revenue Month After Month

Next, it is not enough to get customers.

You must have consistent sales, revenue, and profits month after month.

How will you pay your rent, hire a team, acquire growth resources, and enjoy life if you do not have predictable revenue and growth?

You do not want to have a sale one day and then go months until you get the next customer.

You can't live miserably, investing your savings to keep your business going, compromising your lifestyle, or taking a second job to fund your business.

Your business needs to fund its growth and your life.

The rebel Tactics include strategies to get predictable and consistent business.

You will discover tactics of top marketers to get predictable and consistent business. Plus, you will learn how to automate your sales and scale business.

These were the obvious moves...now something important most businesses need but don't have...

Rebel Tactic 3: Dominate Your Market Unconditionally

You may have the best product, but it will not sell and become popular automatically.

You will need a strategy to make it popular and get viral sales, also called word-of-mouth sales.

Most businesses assume that having a good product or presence on social media will make them go viral.

This is not true.

You need to add specific tactics to viral sales. You need to arm your customers with topics to go viral.

You will learn in this course how to make your products go viral so every customer brings you additional 5-6 customers.

This is how you scale business fast and dominate the market by making people who invest in you bring you more customers.

There are many more tactics that you can use to achieve your business goals

Rebel Tactic 4: 54 Simple Tactics To Bring New Paying Customers Regularly

We use 54 traffic tactics to acquire customers and get massive sales.

Imagine the growth if you can get just 1 new customer from every tactic you apply each month.

Then each of these customers can bring you additional 5-6 customers – that is 100 - 300 new customers each month.

This is the secret to getting continuous sales.

You will become a top business.

learn and apply this tactic if you are not making enough or any money from your business

Rebel Tactic 5: Tactic To Multiply Sales And Earnings

This tactic will teach you my magical pricing and profit strategy to get a lot more sales and profit.

There is a formula to calculate the profitable pricing that makes customers say 'YES' automatically.

This makes getting sales effortless. In addition, it increases upsells and repeat sales which is where you make profits.

99% of businesses either do not know they need to do this or have no idea how to do this.

They are confused about their offer and often under charge leaving money on the table or overcharging and driving customers away.

You will learn how to identify pricing and offer combinations that multiply your sales and profits automatically.

You will earn a lot of money by getting even a few sales.

If you want to build a successful business, learn and apply this formula to your business, or else you risk struggle and failure.

Your sales will grow, and so will your bank balance.

The higher profits will enable you to grow your business, run ads, and hire people to work for you.

Whether you run a 7-11 or sell your products, this tactic will bring you the ultimate freedom to run the business without ever having to work in it.

These are just a few examples of the tactics you need to learn and apply to launch or grow your business

Whether you are a small mom-and-pop store, a notable online business, or even a new business looking for your first customer – The Rebel Tactics can help you smash through the barriers, bring in countless new paying customers rapidly, earn super-size profits, and build a cash-rich business rapidly!

You can then hire employees to run a business, open multiple locations, and travel the world while your business grows on autopilot. With the help of The Rebel Tactics, you can take off your new business or increase sales for existing businesses so you are not starving for money. Instead, you will start to make big profits and finally live a happy and stress-free life as a result of your business success.

I believe in the tactics more than anything and want everyone to benefit from them instead of being taken for a ride by greedy marketers. 

Now you have the “Ultimate No Excuse Opportunity” to succeed in life. Whether you take this challenge or not is up to you…


These Tactics Work For Every Business Including:

What You're Getting

You Will Discover

What's Included


When You Start Using The Rebel Tactics This Will Happen:

Manager Joan Jett Rockstar

Magic not only thinks out of the box he shifts and reshapes the box in a perfect package!

- Cynthia Posner

About The Creator

Magic is a business genius who has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs from small local businesses to entrepreneurs from fortune 500 and even celebrities.

Some of his clients include executives from Facebook, Google, BMW, Apple, T-Mobile, Marriott, Disney, Microsoft, AT&T, Royal Carribean, and John Deere among other companies.

He has worked with Hollywood producers, agents, and managers.

Whether you are a small business or a big corporation wanting to grow then listen and apply lessons from Magic.

This Is What happened When Clients Started Using The Rebel Tactics

$0-40,000 Per Month In 6 Months

This client of mine runs a company called Noot. They ship special plant food on monthly basis to their customers.

Donovan was able to apply the 5X Funnel and grow his business super fast. He has over 1300 monthly subscribers right now. He is growing is customer base by 30-40 percent each month using the 5X Funnel.

Donovan Glass
Portland, OR

Sold Just 1 Photo For $10,000

This client was a struggling photographer. He was not able to sell his photos. He was running photography workshops to pay bills.

I introduced him to The Rebel Tactics and within a few weeks he sold his first print for $10,000.

Steve Lawrence
Santa Rosa, CA

A Young Psychiatrist Shot To Fame Over Night And Build A Strong Practice

“Magic is ‘one in a million.’ I’ve worked with a lot of brilliant people in the areas of medicine and the behavioral sciences, but I have never met anyone who understands people, businesses and money. He can create growth like Magic.

If you work with Magic Leone, you will NOT regret it!”

Joseph A. Hanson, D.O.​

An Accountant Went From Struggling With Money To Breaking Bank In Just A Few Months

This particular client of mine was doing small time accounting when I first met him. He was in a major cash crunch.

I introduced him to The Rebel Tactics and he was able to generate $23,000 in revenue in just 3 short months.


Mother Of 2 Kids In India Went From No Money To Buying BMW And Multiple Properties

Magic changed my life. I earn in dollars while living in Bhopal, India. I make more money than my friends who are a doctors and engineers and I work on my schedule around my family. This was the best investment of my life.

Anita Jain
Bhopal, India

Get Instant Access To The Rebel Tactics

Plus Get These FREE Bonuses

Try The Rebel Tactics For 6 Months. Learn And Apply These Time Tested Tactics To Your Business Then Watch Your Sales And Business Take Off! You Will Double, Triple, And Even 10X Your Business Over Night. Some Of My Clients Have Multiplied Their Business As Much As 3300%. Whether You Are A new Business Looking For Your First Paying Clients, Or Your Are Looking For Ways To Grow Your Business And Have No Money For Ads – These Tactics Are The Answer. Give Them A Chance, You Will Be Glad You Did!

Bonus Products

Evergreen Sales Campaigns:

Get a list of money-making evergreen sales campaigns. The more sales campaigns you will create the more sales you are going to get. These evergreen sales campaigns are the secret to building a business that has stable sales and revenue. Once you plan them and apply these sales campaigns your business can grow as much as 3-5000%.

How To Turn Your Idea Into A Profitable Business:

This second bonus will show you a step by step formula to take an idea and turn it into a money making business. This tactic is a blessing for anyone who just started a business or is planning to start a business. This bonus tactic will teach you how to research, plan, and start your business so it starts getting rapid sales and revenue.

Marketing Planner:

Every successful business plans its marketing campaigns. You too will plan your marketing campaigns so you can control your sales and revenue. You won’t rely on luck to get sales. Instead, you will have a strategic plan to get sales and increase earnings. This marketing planner template will help you plan, execute, evaluate, and improve your campaigns.

+ 2 FREE Tickets To The Rebel Tactics Live Event

My Ultimate NO RISK To You Offer

Try The Rebel Tactics For 6 Months. If They Do Not Meet Your Expectations, Multiply Your Sales, And Revenue – Send Me An Email And I Will Return Every Penny Without Questions! Worst Case Your Get Full Money Back And Best Case You Become My Next Success Story Because Your Grew Your Revenue And Build A Massive Business

Magic Leone

P.S. If you are like me and scrolled all the way to the end here is the quick information for you:

You are getting The Rebel Tactics course to get new paying customers quickly for your business without spending money on ads or agencies.

You can get new customers in as little as 3-5 days. You will then learn how to make your customers bring 5-6 additional customers without even asking them to do so.

You will learn 31 ways to bring in new customers regularly so you can build a financially stable business and never have to worry about money.

You will learn how to find the magical price for your product and service that makes customers buy from you quickly.

You will also learn how to increase your profits then open multiple locations, run ads, and hire people to work for you so you can enjoy life and travel the world.

In short, you are about to discover time tested tactics to start, grow, build or convert existing business into a financially stable business.

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