Digital Access Pass + Smart Pay Cart Honest Review

If you are doing any online business whether you sell digital products, physical products, coaching, consulting, courses, or anything else, you will need a member management app and a shopping cart.

There are thousands of shopping carts, member management, and funnel builders out in the market. In my opinion, Digital Access Pass and Smart Pay Cart outperform any other app in the market. I have been using them for over 10 years and cannot recommend them enough.

First, these two apps have the best features and every feature you can desire on this planet. But I will come to it later.

To me, the features always come second because features come and go. The thing that matters the most to me is always the person behind any business, service, or app.

I have huge respect for Veena who is the co-founder of Digital Access Pass And Founder Of Smart Pay Cart. I have been dealing with Veena for almost 10 years, probably more. What I like about her the most is that she is always excited about her app. A lot of people create apps and add features because they think it will get them more business.

Veena adds features because she wants her app to have amazing features that will bring you results, not because it will make her money. You can read and hear her excitement with every release where she adds new features. She really cares about her app.

It is like this, if you were to hire an architect to build your house would you want someone who shows up because they are getting paid for it or you want someone who is proud of the house they are building for you. You know that if they are personally involved they are not just building your home but building something they will be proud of.

In business whether it is your team, customers, or vendors you want each of them to have a personal investment. Then you know they will do a great job and help you grow your business. This personal investment is what makes Veena and her products superior to any other app or company.

The second equally important value she contributes is customer service. I have never dealt with another company that takes customer service this seriously. In the 10+ years I have been dealing with her, it has never happened that I had to wait more than a few hours to get a response from her and get the problem resolved.

The best part, I have never heard an excuse from her that the problem is because of other plugins which is the number 1 response you hear from every other company. They do not want to make an effort to solve your problem because they do not care for your business. They see their business as independent of you. All you are to them is a revenue source and nothing more.

I think Veena recognizes at least subconsciously that her business depends on your business. If you fail, she won’t win either. This is why when you open a support ticket she focuses on resolving your problem so you can get back to doing business. Any business that sees your business success as their’s is a great partner to have.

This is exactly why I focus on attitude over features. Veena values your success. She sees it as her success. This is why she continues to add more features and make her app better. She helps you win so she can win too. Her win-win attitude is an asset to your business.

If she does not care for you, she will create an app with the most advanced features, soon you will have a conflict, she won’t help you resolve it and now you have the best app that is of no use to you.

Here is an example, I reached out to her a few weeks back. I felt bad because I had used her service a few times that month. I was building a new site and was running into conflicts because we were coding some complicated scripts. She quickly and graciously resolved my issues. I felt bad and even offered to pay her extra for the brilliant support and she refused. This is how you know you are dealing with the right company. Here is a screenshot of her comment:

Most reviews spend majority of their time talking about features but I will keep this part short. This is why: the features are ever-evolving and ever-changing. I could focus on a few features but they may be obsolete by the time you read this review.

What I will tell you is that she has the most advanced features. Her app is probably the most compatible app I have seen and every two weeks there is a new release and new features. The best part about her updates is that they do not break your site or design like a lot of apps does.

What I will tell you is that with her apps you can do everything in-house. You can:

I can go on and on but the point is that you can build an efficient business that runs automatically, can be customized to the needs of your business and customers, has the latest features, and if you ever have a problem it will be resolved right away.

If you are building a business, build it using an app that you won’t have to replace in a few months. You don’t want an app that will fall behind in features after you pay for it. You don’t want app that will bomb in customer support and leave you on your own to make it work. You want an app that is passionate to be the leader of the industry and wants to help you succeed so they can profit from your success. If you use Digital Access Pass And Smart Pay Cart, you will not be disappointed.

These are two separate apps but you can get them together. I highly recommend you go to her website, look at all the latest features and pricing: Digital Access Pass And Smart Pay Cart.

Hope this helps!

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