Flood Your Business With Paying Customers – Tactic 3

Hey, Welcome back!

Today I will share with you my magic potion to dominate your industry and become the best seller.

This is not just about becoming the best seller but about building a business that has a constant flow of new customers who buy endlessly from you.

This is the dream of every business but very few can accomplish it.

A perfect example of this business will be Apple. Every time a new iPhone is out, people line up days before to get their hands on the new phone which is barely better than the previous phone.

They have the magic potion of innovation that makes customers line up and fight their way to buy a product.

There are restaurants, hotels, and Airbnb’s like that which are booked months in advance. You have to get in line to eat or stay there. These businesses have also found their magic potion.

If you find the magic potion that drives your business, you never have to worry about sales.

We touched on this in the second video. How to become attractive to your customers, how to stand apart from customers, and become the business your customers desire. You can watch this video here: Become The Most Desirable Business.

But now not every business has found its magic potion.

If you watched the last video you have some idea how to find your magic potion or if you get The Rebel Tactics Course then you have the formula to create your magic potion.

But what if you cannot find a magic potion but still want customers to line up outside the door and buy everything you have to offer?

And what if you have found your magic potion but still want more customers because you want to grow as fast as possible, open multiple locations, hire staff to run business, so you can be free.

In this case, you will use this third tactic to find and bring loads of new paying customers regularly.

This tactic teaches you multiple ways to find the low-hanging fruit of customers. These are customers who will buy from you immediately.

The counterintuitive thing is that your best and immediate customers do not hang out where you think they do. Your best customers don’t always come from Social Media or ads.

Most of your best customers are around you.

This tactic is about identifying the places where your best customers are. It also shows you the tactics to use so you can get them to buy from you immediately.

The goal is to identify multiple places your customers are, approach them in a manner that works for them, and get a sale.

You start by building one sales pathway then add second, third, and so on. By the time you add 5 customer pathways your business will be stable. By the time you add 8 pathways your business will be cash-rich, by the time you add 10 you will be the top business that runs automatically. By the time you have 15 pathways, you have enough money to build passive income and retire.

In The Rebel Tactics Course, I show 34 pathways to bring in customers. You can pick and choose the ones that are best and easiest for you then use them to get loads of new paying customers.

For now, watch this video, and you will see this tactic in action.

It will give you ideas on how to build your customer pathways and become a best seller who runs a cash-rich business.

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